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Licorice Whips

We'll see where this ends up

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I'm Circe. I'm kind of a goth, sort of an environmentalist, completely a feminist, pretty much a liberal, etc. etc. etc. I live in a big city having various adventures and whatnot. I like to dance. Also, pie.

This is a fandom journal away from RL friends so I can:
1. babble and squee about fandom
2. rant about things without hurting anyone's feelings
3. Read and comment on massive amounts of fanfic, much of it smutty


Things I love in my fandoms: crazy fantastical adventures, sarcasm & bizarre humor, alien sex pollen, platonic BFFs, women teaming up to save the world, british dudes

Things I hate in my fandoms: character bashing, tragic and/or destined romances, women fighting over men, high school AUs

My main fandom for a few years has been Doctor Who (classic and RTD), though lately I've been into Riverdale, Fury Road, and Elementary. I'm in fandom for the ladies- all of my fandoms have to have at least one strong female protagonist as a central character, though the more the better! (I also require this of the fic I read- the real world is androcentric enough for me) I also get enough gloom and doom in the real world, so I prefer things with minimal angst.

I like friends! Anyone's welcome to friend me, though if you want me to friend you back please leave me a comment first telling me why you friended me just so I know where you came from! :) My interests and userpics give a fairly good estimation of my likes.


Oh, and sometimes for fun I'll make and post the occasional bit of (fannish) photomanip "art" here as well. Mostly Doctor Who. (But possibly others- my fandoms keep multiplying like bunnies.) Mostly Doctor/Rose. HOWEVER, I have been branching out, and there is other het, femmeslash, gen and slash stuff on here, sometimes in the same post. If any of that is not your thing, then by all means don't look.

~My lovely journal layout and headers (the pretty ones (Rose / Nine&Ten&Rose), anyway) were made by the fabulous and talented neth_dugan~
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