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Hi random people!

Oh wow, I haven't updated this in quite a while. So, apologies to anyone that enjoyed my 2 page rant on Doctor Who, but here's the new intro.

I'm Circe. I'm kind of a goth, sort of an environmentalist, completely a feminist, pretty much a liberal, etc. etc. etc. I live in a big city having various adventures and whatnot. I like to dance. Also, pie. Tumblr is great and all, but I prefer the increased interaction you get from journaling (or at least used to!)

This is mostly my fandom, but also my everything else away from, RL journal, so I can babble without hurting anyone's feelings and indulge in fannishness without having to explain myself. I've been in fandom for 1000 years, read fanfic like it's my job, love fanvids, and ocassionally post photoshop manips. Other interests that may crop up here are goth/industrial/synth music, photoshoppery, bpal perfume oils, feminism/gender issues, cosplay and fencing.

My main fandom loved are: Doctor Who (classic & RTD), Big Finish, Labyrinth, Elementary, X-Men, BtVS/AtS, Harry Potter, Syfy Alice, Trek, PoTC, Utena, Star Wars, Agent Carter, Brooklyn 99, Mad Max: Fury Road, Orphan Black, Zootopia, Riverdale
My current fandom obsession is: Riverdale

I'm in fandom for the ladies- all of my fandoms have to have at least one strong female protagonist as a central character, though the more the better! I also require this of the fic I read- the real world is androcentric enough for me, thanks. :P I also get enough gloom and doom in the real world, so I prefer things with minimal angst.

Anyone's welcome to friend me (especially if we have shared interests!), though if you want me to friend you back, please leave me a comment telling me why you've friended me just so I know where you came from! :) It's (mostly) unlocked and isn't edited for the public so I may come across as crazy, obsessive, repetitive, anxious/depressed, and also incredibly boring. So if you're here cause I commented on something of yours, sorry for the weirdness. I'm not *quite* as crazy as I seem.

For both our sakes though, I should say we probably won't get along if you're very socially conservative, don't see a problem with character bashing (not concrit) or hating on women characters (and/or positioning them as evil romantic rivals for your fave ship), think slash is cool yet think femmeslash is icky (same goes for the slash=edgy/het=stupid school of thought), love steven moffatt, are anti-science, are anti psych medication (for everyone), or are mostly interested in dude characters or all dude ships.
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