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Drive by manip post!

Don't mind me,I swore I had posted this already, but apparently not. Two manips, both Rose/Ten. Feel free to scroll on by.

The color one is completely G-rated, the B&W one has Rose pushing a shirtless Ten up against a wall, so take that as you will in terms of NSFW-ness.

New Earth shenanigans:

A jail cell, probably:

New Earth- I got the urge to make some Ten/Rose and I thought the image on the coat would make a nice New Earth picture. Also, I wanted to practice building Ten's suit. The image ended up being more complicated than I thought, and i wasn't entirely happy with how the color came out. I changed the bodies a lot, and the suit is also a little messy. I think the grass and New Earth background came out okay though.
Jail Cell- This was entirely because I like the idea of dominant Rose. The original Rose body was way too short. Her height is still wrong, but hopefully it's not too noticeable with the adjustments. Her body was changed a ton, Ten's not so much other than the pants. I originally tried a TARDIS background for this one, but it went through many iterations and it still didn't look right, so I scrapped it. It was really hard to find workable faces for this one that provided the mood I wanted. I think it finally worked, though I think the anatomy of Ten's head is still a bit off. This as a whole is still a bit messy but I got tired of working on it.

-Rose and Ten's faces came from:
-The screencaps for New Earth are from the now defunct "Caps by Emma Jane"
-Unfortunately, I don't have sources for the bases. I'm 90% sure the color one is a clothing ad, but I accidentally changed the original file name that had the credit. The black and white one I found uncredited from tumblr, and I was hoping I would see it somewhere else, but I haven't. If I figure it out, I will change it here.
I have amazing betas, for this piece they were [personal profile] fogsblue, [personal profile] develish1 and gleeful_t/kawaiibetic!
Comments are always incredibly awesome and incredible!

(in general, I totally don't mind if people repost stuff I've made or use anything I've made for icons/banners/in other art/etc., just please credit me so other people can find it, don't use it for nefarious purposes (i.e. bashing other ships) and please ask first if you want to actually change anything.)

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