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18 January 2011 @ 01:34 am
Favorite Fanvids! (for future reference)  
Fanvid recs: I have them!
So. I am very picky about fanvids- I need cuts on the beat and no/very little talky-face, at minimum. I also don't like it if the lyric/clips matching are too literal. Or conversely, not related enough. I also tend to avoid really slow songs/ballads (so hard to do well), really depressing videos, anything by Evanescence (which seems to encompasses 75% of BtVS videos) or Linkin Park, the song "Iris", and tween pop- I usually can't stay interested if I don't like/tolerate the music within the first minute, unless the video is fantastic. These caveats tends to eliminate the majority of vids I've seen.

So yeah, I am aware that the fanvids I like all fit a very specific type. That being said, although this list is mostly for me to keep track of them, they are all worth a watch if you haven't seen them:
(and I totally welcome any recs for great happy vids, there are so few!)

Special Note: a bunch of these vids have very few comments. I don't make vids or know any vidders, but I do know that it is difficult and an extremely time consuming process. So if you watch one of the vids I've linked AND like it, AND it's one with only a few comments, please leave one for the author. It will totally make their day!

Doctor Who: Gen

Doctor Who: Companions

Doctor Who: AU

Doctor Who: Doctor/Rose

Doctor Who: The Master


Star Trek



Fandoms that I like but they don't have
enough vids for their own section

Random Fandoms I'm not really into/
meta vids

Doctor Who
It kind of annoys me when a new Who video has either 9 or Ten only without there being a reason or a plot arc, but maybe that's just me...

"Moving Right Along" by odessie
A fabulous all-era Doctor vid set to the Muppets! Fun and adorable. This vid is what made me want to watch old Who. Especially awesome is the "falling off the TARDIS console" montage. :) all old Who, new seasons 1-4.
Song: "Moving Right Along" by the Muppets
(Also: YouTube link)

"Tenth Doctor: The Musical!" by di_br
This one's a classic. A fantastic 7 minute mash-up summing up Ten's run, delicately expressed through cheesy pop songs. The repeated pissed!Martha and emo!Ten motifs never fail to crack me up. Everything through TEoT.

"Here" by Nyah86Production
A gorgeous, fast paced, recruiter-type vid. No plot, just pretty imagery, mostly focused on the Doctor (Nine & Ten), but pulling clips of everyone. And man oh man does the video manage to make Dr. Who look EPIC. There are several shots in this that make me catch my breath, they were so lovely. (Though I may just be a sucker for glossy vids like this.) I would totally show this to a newbie to try to make them watch Who. I'm not the craziest about the song but the vidder does great things with all the wild shifts in tempo. (note: the rest of this vidder's videos are pretty too!) Seasons 1-4. Warning for flickery bits.
Song: "Here" by VAST

"Handlebars" by flummery
Yeah, yeah, this one is super famous and the standard that all Tenth Doctor vids are held to. It's still creepy and prescient and wonderfully done. The dark(er) side of Ten. And this was *before* WOM! Seasons 2-3.
Song: "Handlebars" by flotbots

"I Am a Scientist" by di_br
A lovely, fun look at the Tenth Doctor and all his techno toys and geeky ways. alder_knight and I especially love the scene where he's flashing the psychic paper; it always makes us think of the "Back off man, I'm a scientist!" line from Ghostbusters. I love the science-fiction vibe of the song, too. I'll accept that Nine isn't in this vid because Ten is much more of a geek. ;) Seasons 2-4.
Song: "Scientist" by the Dandy Warhols

"The Timewar" by Babelcolour
A fan trailer for the Time War! How cool is that? It's got Eight and Nine and the Master and Davros and Daleks and old and new clips and Big Finish audio clips. Very clever editing and effects. It's a little long, but that's forgivable considering the great concept and execution. I'm trying to imagine an actual Time War movie with Eccelston and McGann and it makes me all fluttery with the awesomeness and epicness it would contain...

"Marble House" by hollywoodgrrl
Okay, I didn't really "get" this vid until I read the vid commentary, but that's my fault and shouldn't detract from the fact that it's gorgeous and melancholy, and uses outside footage to great effect. It's a Human Nature/Family of Blood episodic vid that touches on the nature of being human (funny that), and where an almost omnipotent alien liked the Doctor fits into that. Er, not a positive view of the Doctor. It's really much better than my explanation. And I'm not going to lie, I totally love the Knife and was thrilled to see a vid to them. Seasons 3-4.
Song: "Marble House" by the Knife

"What We Had" by cherryice
So a vid starring Martha, Jack and Mickey, that was for a "Fuck You" challenge and VividCon? The blistering condemnation of Ten's crappy treatment of them that I've always wanted! Moody and poignant, with a focus on how the Doctor relates to them vs. his relationships with Rose and the Master. While I think the vid is a little rough on Rose (Her having a dramatic on and off relationship with her boyfriend when she's a teenager is not on the same level as, say, the Doctor stranding Jack on a space station full of dead bodies thousands of years in the future, which the vid sort of implies), overall I'm just thrilled to pieces to see a vid which points out how fucked up the Doctor was in Season 3. Seasons 1-3.
Song: "What We Had" by the Handsome Furs

I have a deep and abiding love for companion/assistant vids that are actually about the companion and not solely about whether the Doctor loves them or not.

"Just a Girl" by odessie
OMG, best video ever. This is one of my very favorites! A video showing up how awesome ALL the companions are. The vidder demurs that not everyone is represented equally due to lack of footage, but she does a pretty admirable job of getting in pretty much all the companions, with very minimal footage of the Doctor, which must have been difficult. You get to see all of them being baddasses (Tegan & Nyssa fighting as a team, Ace screaming with a flaming torch followed by Rose not looking as she walks away from an explosion <3) but also shows them being clever (lolling forever at the scene with Tegan and the door) as well as showing their hobbies/skills (an awesome montage of "fixing things"/science). The icing on the perfection cake is the companions hugging ending- the companions do not share your petty favoritism! Seriously, an awesome video. :)
(Also: vaguely related but super shallow- wow, Romana One is hot!)
1st through 11th Doctors.
Song: "Just a Girl" by No Doubt

Shut up and Drive by laurashapiro
So Martha's story arc bummed me a lot, mostly because I didn't like how much it was about moping about the Doctor not being in love with her and being his adoring disciple instead of how awesome she was. (Not that Season 3 emo Ten is much better) I liked her much better on Torchwood, where her badassery was not dimmed by Ten's dickishness. But the Martha in this video? SO AWESOME. It's like 3 minutes of wall to wall Martha awesomeness, mixed in with some Martha ogling. Which is something I can get behind. Also: the face she makes at :57 KILLS me with cute. Season 3.
Song: "Shut up and Drive" by Rihanna

"No More Dreaming" by analeian
Rose dreams. The video plays like an actual dream, with lots of hazy, beautiful, slightly odd, slightly sad imagery. Melancholy and atmospheric, with a great use of lyrics and effects. I've watched this vid many, many times and my interpretation of it keeps changing. Seasons 1-4.
Note: the HD version on youtube is very stuttery on my comp, but the lower def versions and my downloaded HD version are smooth.
Song: "Blinding" by Florence and the Machine

AU vids:
So I have a soft spot for AU vids, as they tend to be either incredibly interesting or incredibly horrifying (Doctor/bb!Hermione!). Disappointingly (but understandably), they usually have very poor execution. However, I think the ones below actually succeed admirably.

"They Took What Once Was Ours" by zoori
Deliciously dark Nine FTW! The very basic plot of this is that after a regeneration prompting accident, Nine splits into Nine & Ten (9.5). Rose takes to Ten and Nine, uh, doesn't take that well. The plot sounds complicated (there's a better explanation in the comments under the video), but it's pretty clear what's going on when you watch, even if you don't read the summary. Brilliantly done and very well constructed- Nine in this just gives me chills. I always think of Nine as being goofy and sweet and Mr. "Waters of Mars" as being the dark one but this showcases that side of Nine quite nicely. Great song, amazing clips selection, and fantastic manip sequences. This video is far too awesome for the paltry amount of comments it received. :(
Song: "The Big Exit" by Editors

"Papa Don't Preach" by trelkez and fan_eunice
Really, nothing I could say about this video would prepare you for it's awesomeness. Seasons 1-3, Torchwood 1-2.
Song: "Papa Don't Preach" by Madonna

Also constructed reality: the "Darker" Master vid below!

Doctor/Rose Shippy:
Why are so many shippy videos total drama filled angst fests? Especially the ones with Cloen- Youtube must have approximately 6 million "OMG Rose and 10.5 can never be happy" AU vids set to weepy ballads. I mean, I'm sure some of them have happy endings. I just never bother to watch them all the way through. To each their own, I guess...

"A Life Less Ordinary" by BodaciousOffice
A fun, sweet vid with both Nine and Ten and no angst! This one always makes me smile and reminds me why I like Doctor/Rose so much. I love this vid's sense of motion.
Song: "A Life Less Ordinary" by Carbon Leaf

"In Far Off Places" by jagwriter78
Um, I don't even know as this counts as shippy, as it's more like a vision of stalker-y Ten. But the vid is strange, moody and amazing. Not a happy video, but still an awesome one.
Song: "In Far Off Places" by Morrissey

"Touched" by humansrsuperior
So yeah, I said many, many times that I don't like depressing videos and this is stab yourself in the face, cry your eyes out depressing. But, it's absolutely epic. (and elegant and well constructed!) I mean, I love Doctor/Rose, but I don't view it as epic. This vid disagrees. I'm pretty sure I needed a hug after this video. Possibly two. The sequence with the heartbeat KILLS me.
Song: "Touched" by VAST

"Master Plan" by Bex19
::cough:: Um, so this video is pure smut. That's it.
It incorporates footage of BP and DT from other projects and the magic of editing and close-ups to basically make a Rose/Ten PWP video. I felt dirty just watching it.
Song: "Master Plan" by Adam Lambert

Behind Closed Doors by Nyah86Production
Okay, just one more smut video... This is a very short, classy, b&w "10.5 and Rose get it on" vid. I just wanted to throw it in because the editing and manips in this are particularly fabulous. Harnessing the artistic power of video editing for smut!

The Master: so much love:
The Master gets his own section because he is the Master. I'm sure there are some really amazing Doctor/Master shippy videos out there, but I haven't found them yet...

"Electioneering" by humansrsuperior
My FAVORITE Master vid, to one of my favorite Radiohead songs. Steel and I literally watched this vid every day for like, 2 weeks. That's how much we like it. Spastic and brilliant, with fantastic editing. Season 3.
Song: "Electioneering" by Radiohead

"Don't Stop Me Now" by charmax
The lighter side of death and destruction! Amazingly funny and bouncy and fun. I had no idea Queen and the Master were such a charming pair! You root for the Master the whole way in this video and it's terribly sad when his fun is ended. Season 3.
Song: "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen

"Meet Your Master" by xdudeyoufuglyx
Being a big NIN fan, I've watched every "Meet your Master" Dr. Who vid on youtube, and this one blew all the others out of the water. Tons of effects that actually work well, great use of the music, good atmosphere, and just really pretty. Season 3, TEOT.
Song: Meet Your Master" by Nine Inch Nails

"Darker" by 45eugenia
Gorgeous, unique Master/Doctor (or, possibly Master & Doctor?) alt-Season 3 ending where the Master ends up in Ten's care. I think. The plot's not entirely clear. Doesn't matter- slow and dark, with lots of atmosphere and great use of outside footage, (Mostly LoM I'm guessing?) with effects that enhance without being overpowering.

Song:"Darker" by Doves

"Tristian" by such_heights
A lovely, well rounded Jack portrait! Sort of bouncy, sort of not, sort of dark sort, of light. The song is strange but compelling. This vid also has perhaps my favorite lyric to text matching ever, from 0:24 to 0:30. :) Season 1-3 of Who, and- I think- just 1-2 of TW.
Song: "Tristan" by Patrick Wolf

"This Is How it Ends" by dreamrequiem
Uh, WOW. I tend to forget about how depressing Torchwood is because it always strikes me as a sillier, adult version of Who, but this showcases all of its gravity and desperation and how working for Torchwood pretty much destroys every character. Unflinchingly harsh but really fantastically done. Also: this vid has an amazing sense of rhythm.
Song: "Jesus for the Jugular" by The Veils

Star Trek
"Circus" by buttefly
This song choice is oddly perfect. A character study of the changes that Kirk goes through during the movie. Jim's a "put on a show type of girl" for sure. ;) When Steel and I went to see the movie on the pier with the NYC GQMFs my brain was totally expecting this to play over the opening credits.
Song: "Circus" by Britney Spears

"Closer" by by T. Jonesy and Killa
This one is a classic, well deservedly so. Brilliant and sexy and creepy. Spock goes into pon farr and there are no Vulcans about. Very dark Kirk/Spock. Non-con warning.
Song: "closer" by Nine Inch Nails

"The Test" by here's luck
Here's Luck does Star Trek! This vid takes the mind meld Reboot plot point and uses it as a jump off point for an exploration of the relationship between Kirk and Spock, using TOS footage to illustrate what he learns from the mild meld. Fantastic use and intertwining of both sources and just incredibly shiny and floaty and beautiful.
This put a dopey smile on my face. :)
Song: "The Test" by the Chemical Brothers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
So I was a Buffy fan quite a while ago, and many of my favorite vids are no longer available for download. Also, many of the ones that are still up are old and probably not the best quality. I love them anyway!

Here's Luck
"Come On" and "Superstar" are some of the most gorgeous Buffy/Faith (and BtVS in general!) videos ever made. "Come On" is a masterpiece of editing, especially the fight scenes, in which different episodes are woven together seamlessly. I also like "Glorious #1" a lot, which is a Spike character study.
(Songs: "Come On" and "Superstar" by Tegan and Sarah, "Glorious #1" by Remy Zero)

Sisabet is a wonderful vidder, but sadly it looks like the majority of her BtVs videos are no longer up. (Being that I must have like 20 or so) Of what's still up, "Peacekeeper" is a lovely ode to Buffy and Season 7, "Cowboy" explains why Angel is a pimp, and "Closer" is the Angel/Spike video and very hot.
(Songs: "Peacekeeper" by Fleetwood Mac, "Cowboy" by Kid Rock, "closer" by Nine Inch Nails)

Everything Luminosity does is amazing. "There There" is an achingly gorgeous, creepy Ilyria/Wes vid, "Southwest Voodoo" is, evil Willow to Insane Clown Posse and yet still awesome, "The Other Side" is lovely/sad Spuffy.
(Songs: "The Boney Kings of Nowhere" by Radiohead, "Southwest Voodoo" by Insane Clown Posse (lol), "The Other Side" by David Gray)

"Schism" by vyra
One of my favorite Spike vids, despite it being super angsty. A great character study set to a really appropriate song.
Song: "Schism" by Tool

"Origin Stories" by giandujakiss
So, I'm a big Spike fan. He's one of my favorite characters, and Spuffy is one of my favorite ships. This video takes a decidedly negative view of Spike. (it also has a unflattering view of Buffy as well) Despite that, I adore this vid. It's a brilliant look at how the narrative of many of the POC characters in BtVS are ignored, often in favor of Spike's narrative (hello, white dude.) I don't think the potentials bits really make sense (a plot the vidders apparently added b/c of lack of footage) but in general the concept and execution of this is fantastic. A great thinky vid- in the end, as they point out, "It's Nikki Wood's fucking coat."
Song: "Coffee" by Aesop Rock feat. John Darnielle

"Living Dead Girl" by bradcpu
A Faith horror vid! This is one of the most original BtVS vids I've ever seen. Dark and fun, really interesting use of outside footage, really kinetic and stuttery at the same time. The bit at 1:06 is also a stroke of genius. I hadn't heard of this vidder before and now I want to go check out their other stuff. Also, totally unrelated, but the opening sample of this song (not in this vid) was my answering machine/voicemail message for years!
Song: "Living Dead Girl" by Rob Zombie

Fandoms I like that I don't have enough vids for to give them their own section:

Revolutionary Girl Utena:
"If I Were a Prince" by shati
A beautiful character portrait of Utena, using the lens of her relationships with Anthy and Wakaba. Perfect song choice. I really liked the last minute of this. The author warns for strobe, but I didn't see any.
Song: "If I Were a Free Fallin' Boy" by Beyonce and Tom Petty (mashup)

Harry Potter:
"Undisclosed Desires" by dazzleme7
So this is just a tiny vidlet, but I wanted to put it in because the color effects in it are gorgeous. Harry/Draco and lovely.
Song: "Undisclosed Desires" by Muse

"Bad Romance" by sisabet
I thought it was impossible for someone to actually make a good fanvid to "Bad Romance". I was wrong. Clark/Lex, from everything from Smallville to the comics to the cartoon to the movies.
Song: "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga


"Hologram" by sisabet
What a a surprise, sisabet made another great video. A Tony/Pepper and Tony/Rhodey Tony character study vid that somehow makes me feel a bit bad for everyone's favorite millionaire genius playboy.
Song: "Hologram" by Katie Herzig

Alien Movies:
"Stayin' Low!" by hollywoodgrrl
Author Summary: Hopin' she can sock it to me one mo' time.
Ugh, this video is AMAZING. It's a crazy, bouncy, kinetic, weird/gorgeous tribute to Ripley and her awesomeness, to a crazy catchy mashup. Great use of source from all 4 movies. Warning for aliens related gore.
Song: Stayin' Low! (Bee Gees vs. Lil Jon vs. De La Soul)

Terminator Movies:
"L.E.S. Artistes" by cherryice
Author Summary: Sarah Connor. To tell it straight, I'm trying to build a wall.
Great Sarah Connor character study from the first two movies. I love this song and the melding of the two sources. I remember quite vividly being impressed by Sarah when the second movie came out, and this reminded me of her badassery.
Song: "L.E.S. Artistes" by Santigold

"Raspberry Swirl" by sol_se
Author Summary: How excited am I that Suspiria fanvids exist? It's is one of my favorite horror movies (It's Italian, from the 70s and by Dario Argento), and this vid does a great job of showing how visually stunning it is, while still being very kinetic and having great atmosphere.
Song: "Raspberry Swirl" by Tori Amos

The Hunger:
Love is Blindness by [personal profile] thatyourefuse
Author Summary: Mmmmmm, a The Hunger vid! Gorgeous vid to a gorgeous song. This vid might actually be prettier than the movie itself! Does a great job of condensing the narrative and making a pretty, elegant summary of the movie that does not feel like it crawled out of the 80s.
Song: "Love is Blindness" by Jack White
Notes: as the vidder mentions, contains "Blood, sex, sexy blood, bloody sex."

Random Fandoms I'm Not Reallly Into/Meta/Etc:

"Women's Work" by sisabet & Luminosity (sockkpuppett)
Okay, so this is a "Supernatural" vid, and I admit I've never seen a single episode of SPN, so perhaps I'm not the best person to be reccing this, especially because it was apparently a bit controversial in it's portrayal of the show. Regardless, this is a rather blistering commentary on the sexualization and fetishizing of violence against women in mainstream media, to a really appropriate song. The authors pointed out that they could have made this video with any number of shows, which is really, really sad. This vid actually squicked me- you can air shit this violent on network TV? Really? Sisabet and Luminosity are amazing, as always, and I love the song "Violet" like burning. Warning for graphic violence against women.
Song: "Violet" by Hole

"On the Prowl" by sweetestdrain & sisabet
This is...fucking brilliant. Sources are too numerous to name, suffice it to say that it covers a lot of movies and shows. It's in theory a self portrait of the two vidders, though to me it was also a dark portrait of fandom. While I admit the content is...really not my cup of tea, at all, the editing is so completely boss and kinetic that it made things that I don't find sexy seem sexy, which kind of freaked me out. It builds to a crescendo and then turns around to punch you in the face. Steel and I watched it together not knowing anything about it other than that it was well known, and after it ended just sort of sat there in dumbfounded silence. Steel thought it would be a good exercise to give people a stopwatch and have them mark when they've hit their line- we imagine there would be quite a range.
Anyway, the vagueness is b/c I think the vid works better without too much explanation beforehand, (And the vid is deliberately warning labeled as "content undisclosed" and the only description is "Where is our line?") but I would feel remiss reccing it without putting in a serious warning for violence.
Song: "On the Prowl" by Blow Up feat. Lydia Lunch

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