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BAMF + BAMF= Martha/Rose

So I finished my art for the who_reversebang at the last minute, and it's Martha/Rose and giant alien millipedes!

But hey! Even if you don't like manips or femmeslash, as long as you like Rose and Martha being awesome you should totally go check out the accompanying story by [personal profile] spikewriter, and comment if you enjoy it!

My prompt was for either Martha/Rose or Martha & Rose, as long as the ladies were the focus, and [personal profile] spikewriter wrote an wonderful action-adventure gen fic (with a hint of background Doctor/Rose), Tyler and Jones, about a curious alt!Martha running into a certain Torchwood employee...

Totally SFW. Unless your boss hates giant alien millipedes.

Martha/Rose adventures!

Please click for full size. The actual image is huge.

As I mentioned above, if you liked this, please check out the accompanying fic from who_reversebang, which is a lovely action-adventure gen fic (with a hint of background Doctor/Rose) by [personal profile] spikewriter!

Faces came from:
-Freema Agyeman Web

The base bodies came from:
-Falln-Stock @ deviantart, specifically this lovely image!

-The TARDIS came from Caps by Emma Jane
- The nest and millipede came from stock.xchng
- The vines/roots came from

So, I actually don't have a lot of notes on this one, since most of the making of it happened at really last minute times, since I signed up for a challenge despite being terrible at deadlines. I've been wanting to do more Martha/Rose for a while, and I thought who_reversebang would be a good opportunity to do that, as well as try to make something a little more out there. (Basically, you submit a piece of art, then writers pick it to write a short fic based on it) However, the writers signed up seemed to be mostly gen or boyslash, so I decided to work on something that could be viewed as *either* girlslash or gen, as I was afraid no one would pick my art if it was too shippy... Also, really, my (not-so secret) plan was just to encourage someone to write something Martha & Rose centric, since there is so not enough fic of them together. And then of course, the fic that the author who chose this piece wrote was Rose and Martha being BAMFs and fighting aliens together, so I'm really pleased. :)

Unfortunately for me, about 4 days before this image was due for the challange 2 of the 3 hard drives on the computer I use for PS failed. Whoops. I was able to scramble and do it on another computer, but there might be some contrast/saturation/color issues with this since the display on this computer seems to vary wildly from the one I usually use. (if so, please let me know!)

The bodies weren't too terrible- I altered their bodies slightly, color toned their skin to match the actresses, and tinted the dresses so they would go with the color scheme. The most time consuming part was the millipede- I used the pen tool, which helped a bit, but I still had to cut out every single leg individually. :P I then made lots of different millipede layers with various effects and blend modes, to make it more alien-y/metallic. The vines/roots are pretty much as is, except for added color and blurring of some elements to make sure the focus matched the other layers. I slightly blurred the TARDIS and added layers of a blue wash on different blend modes to get the blue glow. I might have overdone that stylistically. I did a lot of toning and lighting and shadowing, and added some effects on the dresses at the end to give them a bit more contrast. (Glowing edges on hard mix and luminosity for Martha, paint daubs on vivid light for Rose, I think?)

The main thing I'm displeased with here is that Rose's hair looks too cut and paste against the dress, but I'm not sure quite how to fix it- maybe more clearly define the top of her head? It also got worse once I added all the effects at the end. I also think the shadowing in the nest is a little off. I had a hard time with Martha's dress being too bright for the lighting in the image. Tinting it helped a little, but it still is a little too much. I could have made it another (darker) color, but I really liked the yin-yang effect of the dressed and contrast between Martha and Rose as it was.

As always, thanks to the awesome amazing wonderful people that betad this for me- 10docandr, l0stmyrel1g10n([personal profile] thaurfea), rattus_aerius, and gleeful_t- often at really random times. <3

Comments make me incredibly happy!

(In general, I totally don't mind if people use anything I've made for icons/banners/in other art/etc., just please ask first if you want to actually change anything, please credit me, and I'd love to see whatever it was...)

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